SEO Care Plans

Creating organically ranking websites

We actively pursue top organic search results to help your site naturally be found. With our camapaigns, you usually start seeing a noticeable increase within 3 months. Through keyword research and onsite optimization, we prime your website to compete with your top competitors. 


  • Full Backlink Analysis
  • Real-time Campaign Access
  • 1 Syndicated Content
  • 1 Onsite Blog Post
  • 1 Broken Link Building
  • 40 Local Google Map Citations
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Tracking
  • 1 Full Onpage SEO


  • Full Backlink Analysis
  • Real-time Campaign Access
  • 2 Syndicated Content
  • 2 Onsite Blog Post
  • 2 Broken Link Building
  • 60 Local Google Map Citations
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Tracking
  • 2 Full Onpage SEO


  • Full Backlink Analysis
  • Real-time Campaign Access
  • 4 Syndicated Content
  • 4 Onsite Blog Post
  • 5 Broken Link Building
  • 80 Local Google Map Citations
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Tracking
  • 3 Full Onpage SEO

Backlinks are simple: they are links that link back to your website.

Having links from outside websites that are similar in industry link to your website positions you as an expert in your industry. But, not all backlinks are helpful. With the backlink analysis, we take a look to find out which links are helping you and which are hindering you.

It’s a dashboard that allows you to view your SEO care plan in action. Don’t want to login into a dashboard? No worries, at the end of each month we send you a full report on your progress.

Syndicated content, also known as a press release or media release, is news-worthy content that is released to 200+ media outlets. If you have an announcement or event coming up, this is a perfect way to publicize it. Have nothing? No worries, we will help determine what information will attract attention.

What’s worse than not having a website? Having a website that sits there and looks pretty. You have the tool, but it’s not reaching full potential. Releasing blog posts even once a month helps position your business as an expert in your industry to visitors and continuously gives fresh content for the web crawlers to read.

Broken link building is a white-hat method to get a reliable and industry-specific website to link back your website. We scour the wonderful web to find articles that have currently been published, but they have an outdated link that directs to a 404 page. Bad from them, a great opportunity for you!

We then connect with the webmasters complimenting their article. We help them out by presenting SEO best practices and providing a newly updated resource, which in the end is your website. The link is now replaced creating a back-link to your site positioning you as the expert in your industry.

Local Google Map Citations are great because they help google maps verify that you truly do exist. We use numerous external sites to list your business name, phone number, and address.

A lot :). Once a month we will pick the top hit page and optimize it for SEO best practices which include:

  • URL Audit & Enhancement
  • Title Tag Audit and Enhancement
  • Meta Description Audit and Enhancement
  • Header Audits and Enhancements
  • Internal and Outbound Link Audits and Enhancements
  • Image Optimization Including Compression
  • Social Signal Audit
  • Site Map Audit and Enhancement
  • Content Auditing and Enhancements
  • Keyword Audit and Optimization
  • NAP Audits and Enhancements
  • GMB Optimization and Enhancements
  • Web Page Speed Test and Optimization