The Power of the Customer Journey Testimonial

Most business owners know the importance of online listings with Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and other similar platforms — and that reviews on these platforms are paramount. But, there’s another tool that uses the power of personal recommendations known as a customer journey testimonial. Keep reading to learn what all of the buzz is about.

What is a Customer Journey Testimonial?

A customer journey testimonial, also referred to as just a “customer testimonial,” is a story a customer shares about their experience with your brand. These experiences are so positive that they resonate with your customers and compel them to want to shout off the rooftops how amazing their experience with you was. 

You want your customer journey testimonials to come from super fans of your business and should cover six phases:

  1. Who the business is — this establishes credibility.
  2. What their biggest skepticism about hiring for service was — this makes them not salesy and relatable to other potential customers. 
  3. How their perception has changed by working with you, finding your products and services, etc.
  4. What their biggest success or takeaway was after using your service.
  5. What impact this will have on your business.
  6. Adding one more antetode or token of advice — this reaffirms any skepticism and adds authenticity.

You can use customer testimonials in white papers, case studies, social media, and more. 

The impact of customer testimonials is unmatched. Here are a few quick stats:

  • 92% of customers read online reviews before purchasing something [1].
  • 70% of people trust reviews and recommendations from strangers [2].
  • 88% of consumers say reviews influence their online purchasing decisions [3].
  • 72% of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review [4].

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Benefits of a Customer Journey Testimonial

Some of the most significant benefits of customer testimonials include:

Establishes Trust

Testimonials come from regular Joe’s, not paid actors or celebrity endorsers. These unbiased reviews are more likely to be trusted by the general public than if The Rock endorses a product or service in a highly-produced and financed TV spot. Customer testimonials are also more trustworthy than if someone from your company talks up your services, which is seen as part of their job duties. 

Increases Credibility

The more great customer testimonials you have, the more attractive your business appears to potential customers because you look extremely credible. People will be much more likely to do business with you because they see that X number of other people have had great experiences, so you must be a reputable and legit company that they don’t mind spending their money with. Also, the more credible you look, the more you can charge for your services in most cases.

Connect Deeper with Your Target Audience

Studies show that emotional attachment is a critical driver in consumers’ long-term associations with brands [5]. When you use customer testimonials with real people speaking from their hearts instead of corporate jargon, they are much more likely to strike an emotional chord with the reader or viewer, allowing a deeper bond to grow with your brand right off the bat.

Improves Engagement

A high-quality customer testimonial can persuade even the most uncertain buyer by showing potential customers that your products and services are not just another gimmick. Posting your testimonials on social media and asking others to weigh in is an excellent way to boost your customer engagement while also harvesting additional testimonials.  

How to Utilize Customer Journey Testimonials

If you want to harness the power of customer testimonials to start reaping the sweet benefits they bring, consider the following:

Add Testimonials to Your Home Page

Internet users don’t have the time or patience to click around your website to find your testimonials. If they can’t find it within a few seconds, they’ll likely move on. Put compelling testimonials on your homepage. If they like what they read, they’re much more likely to stay on your site and browse around.

Share Testimonials on Social Media

You can share entire testimonials or choose to share clips or short quotes for snackable testimonials that will catch and keep users’ attention on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. 

When someone leaves positive feedback on social media, engage with it by liking it, commenting back, resharing it, etc., immediately to boost engagement and visibility.

Use Them in Case Studies

Case studies go into even more detail about how a business solved a particular customer’s problem with its products or services. White papers are essentially long-form testimonials that take outsiders through the entire customer journey and the pain points that got solved along the way.

What’s more, case studies are excellent for buyers nearing the end of their buying journey by giving them a deeper look and, in turn, providing more reassurance that your product or service will benefit them.

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