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We build super, sticky, sweet websites.

Building website pages that convert to create a digital buzz.

We Focus On You, So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our mission developed from a passion for helping businesses cement their relationships with their website traffic using our proven system to build a website. We believe in building websites through connection. Your understanding of your client’s exact situation is shown through your messaging and the imagery of your website. 

Web Design

We design websites that are a pleasant experience for your clients & partners.

Communication Strategy

Give your business a communication strategy that engages and converts your website visitors.

Enhanced Content

Evolve beyond a digital brochure. Create a digital environment that fosters the culture of your business.

Our values are the same as yours – help others to help themselves.

So, ready to take the sting out of your website and digital marketing?

What We Can Do For You

Behind the scenes, your website and digital marketing strategy is a complex “hive” working together for a common good. Publicly, it is a deceptively simple, intuitive brand beacon, boosting your nonprofit growth.

Website Design

Your website is an asset, not an expense. Our websites work hard to build your business recognition, foster loyalty. They contain strong calls to action and are easy to use. 

Lead Generation

Stimulate referrals and turn potential leads into supporters. We can create strong calls to action that resonate and convert and drive traffic through a specific campaign. 

Positive Testimonials

Our frameworks provide the reputation management and case study support you need to become an trusted business in your community, attracting new and repeat supporters every time.

Automatic Scheduling

Take the hassle of booking appointments. Let your customers conveniently connect with you when and reduce back and forth scheduling emails.  

Search Engine Optimization

Appeal to your supporters and keep the search engine rankings that list your nonprofit ahead of the competition. We improve the flow of traffic to your website and increase visibility.

Content Creation

Anyone can write, but composition is an art. Enhance your brand messaging, resonates with the reader, and creates shareability across multiple social media platforms. 


Super Sweet Feedback From Happy Clients

I've tasked Buzzworks with several varied projects, including several of our properties websites. Each time, I am impressed with the level of creativity, quick turnaround time, and quality of work.
Angela Hall
Marketing Director, Vestar Property Management
We have had a website with Buzzworks for 10 years now. They present innovative ideas on how to showcase your business in the most professional and attractive way.
Jofie Lamprecht
Jofie Lamprecht Safaris
I was recommended to Buzzworks to redesign my website. We started with a landing page and have contracted them to continue to bring back life to our website.
Carl Mir
Mir Expat Tax Services

You buzzed, we answered. What people usually want to know about our services.

If you don’t find your answer, book an appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our business, websites, and online marketing. 

It depends. Your website is often the first thing your customer knows about you, so you have to make it compelling and enticing.

Think of it like purchasing a new store – you have to consider lighting, furnishings, display fittings, a cash register, security, wall color, stock room, changing rooms, energy costs, heating/cooling, maintenance, etc. How much it costs will depend on how big the store is, its function, how many employees, etc.

Our basic website packages are between 5-9k, depending on your needs. Our landing page strategy is 2k to set up, then $1200/month if you would like to continue building on, adding 2-3 pages each month to convert to a complete website. Call us to discuss your needs and receive a no-obligation quote.

The length of time to create a website depends on what you need and how quickly we receive all the imagery and copy required to complete the design. If all goes well, it takes about 4-6 weeks to design a primary site and go live.

You can, but then you wouldn’t be searching for a web designer if it was that easy. If you want your website to be found in search engines, many requirements have to be included; not all of them easy to achieve if you do not have the experience and knowledge beforehand. Many of our clients have tried to build their own and then realized it is not as easy as it looks. Our designers are experienced in graphic design, have an eye for detail and the marketing experience to know what appeals to your market.

As you would a great piece of art, ownership of the website passes to you once we have completed it and it has been paid for. We offer care packages to maintain it, or you can transfer it to another company for hosting. If you sell your business, your website is part of the chattels. The only thing you do not own is the proprietary code like WordPress, stock photos and source code.

We can replicate the look, feel, and features it contains, but no, we can’t copy the design, images, or words; that would be plagiarism and leave you wide open to a lawsuit.

Yes, we can, WordPress contains basic features that anyone can learn to use and fiddly ones for us professionals only. We provide all our clients with training on how to maintain their sites but also provide care plans, so you can stay focus on your business.

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