Content Strategy

We create the buzz for you with an individualized Hub & Spoke strategy, blogs that connect, and content optimized for SEO and the audience you want to attract.

Why have good content?

Your website content is your number one salesperson.

It pays to ensure what it says about your business has been optimized for SEO and your target audience. Creating compelling content begins with a strategy that outlines the key points and develops an action plan that ensures connection with the reader at the right time and at the right pitch.

Content Strategy

Hub & Spoke content strategies attract customers and keeps them focused on your message.

Blog Blueprint

Hit the right spot with tailormade blueprints that ensure your blogs provide the solutions and services your audience want to hear.

Content Creation

No time to write? We do it for you, customized content, optimized for SEO and published to the platforms that work for your business. 

Reach the desired audience

Does your website content:

  • Reflect on your values and goals.
  • Connect with your desired customer.
  • Utilize a mix of media to communicate effectively.
  • Regularly updates readers with relevant information and establishes your authority as an expert in your field.
  • Consistently appear in search engine queries and rankings.

We provide solutions that ensure your website says yes to all of the above. Contact us to discuss how we can increase your online presence today. 

We know that good strategic content will attract more visitors.

Communicating with your target audience through blogs and online case studies is an excellent way to build a relationship with your preferred audience. Creating content is easier when you know in advance what you are going to say. 

We can provide a list of topics, timeline and even write and publish your blogs and case studies for you. Save time and money with professional copywriters who know and understand your market space.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find your answer, click here to talk with us. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your website content strategy plan.

A hub and spoke content framework divides your posts into a series of themes linked to each other and encourages the reader to stay connected to your website. The hub is a central article that outlines the topic and introduces a series of subtopics to be explored further (the spokes). Traditional blog posts are stand-alone topics that do not encourage the reader to explore your website further.  At Buzzwks, we identify topics through analysis of keywords used by your intended audience and provide a ranking of subtopics, creating a content plan that is easy to follow. A successful hub and spoke framework increases the ranking in search engines for your website, establishes your expertise on a subject and encourages readers to stay connected to your brand.

At Buzzworks, our content briefs contain all the information a copywriter needs to create compelling articles and posts that hit the sweet spot with your audience. As well as the topic, the brief outlines the tone, reading level required and a list of keywords that have been identified as necessary for SEO and audience recognition. 

Yes, you can provide your own copy, but unless you also specialize in web marketing, you may find it does not hit the mark with your audience. Be sure also to have someone else edit/proof it before you publish. Grammar apps are great, but they can fail and cannot identify the keywords and questions your target market uses in their search for an answer. Note, however, that the leading CEOs in business don’t write copy for their website;  they leave it to the professionals in content writing to do the job for them.