WhenTheySay.org Campaign

Pro-Life website Supporting Youth to combat myths and defend life!

What We Did.

The Challenge:
Catholic Pro-life Community was awarded grant money to create an online experience to empower high-school students and young adults to defend life in every stage and every age. This project encompassed name conceptualizing, branding, promotional items and a website.

The Solution:

NAMING: The name of the campaign was branded “WhenTheySay.org.” This was chosen because the focus of the site was to provide information to students to combat the media-driven pro-choice agenda. CPLC wanted the teenagers to immediately connect the campaign as a go-to reliable resource to help them refute pro-choice notions – hence “When they say, I say…”.

BRANDING: With the brand, we kept it simple. We used a hand-written font to give it a play-book feel. To continue the thought process, we used arrows as if directing the conversation back and forth – they come at you with this talking point, well, this is what you say back to them.

WEBSITE: With the subject being such a heavy discussion point, the website was designed to give a light-hearted uplifting feeling. We used the design of the iPad/iPhone interface to create a welcoming familiar environment. A huge hurdle was renaming the Catholic talking points, i.e. Chastity became Healthy Dating, to resonate with the student from their perspective. Each inside page is broken down into an overview, the popular “When They Say” talking points, statistical facts to back-up the talking points and finalized with biblical references to continue their studies if desired. The intention was to give them a “cliff-note” version of the subjects to allow the students a quick reference with minimal search.

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