Branding is more than just a logo. It is the image and story that represents your company, business, organization or non-profit. Your brand is what distinguishes you from your competitor’s products and services. Your brand is the essence of who you are.

Brands increase recognition. 

Remember when you were in school and you had to remember all those physics equations? How did you do it? Repetition. Placing your brand in front of your consumer consistently and frequently through different marketing mediums such as your website, brochures, collateral, social media, creates a repetitive visual connection with your business. 

Brands instills security.

A simple and memorable brand story allows you to relay a consistent message and image to the public. People are creatures of habits, and when you give them something that is consistent, they feel safe and snuggly. This security creates and drives new business and increases brand awareness.

Brands target your ideal client

Brands are created to tell a story that resonates with your potential clients that you WANT to work with. Through research and analysis, your target market should be pin-pointed to something similar to this: 

We are targeting mothers of young children in their early thirties. They do play-dates at Chick-fil-a and will do anything to set their child up for success. 

With this information we immediately know your brand isn’t going to be masculine, it’s going to be feminine. It’s most likely going to have a professional but with a nurturing feel. Colors are most likely not going to be vibrant and festive. Your target market directs the design and feel of your brand. 

With that being said, your brand isn’t all about the target market. A brand needs a story for you to stand behind. If you can’t get behind your brand story and sell it and be proud of it, why would people want to buy into it? 

Brands build financial value

Are you planning to sell your business? Expanding your business? Merging with another company? Since strong brands guarantee future business, developing a brand story from the beginning will give you the upper-hand in negotiating expansion and growth. A company with a brand will be perceived and will have more value than company that does not. 

Brands attract quality employees

How do you provide the best service to your clientele? Through your employees – your employees are what gives life and personality to your business. Giving your employees a brand, a mission, to stand behind and be proud of. A potential qualified employee will always gravitate towards a business that is well-kept and manicured. Your brand doesn’t only represent professionalism to your potential clients but also your future employees. 

Brands generate new customers

Make it easy on your existing clients. They love what you do, and they love their experience you gave them. With this love comes word-of-mouth referrals. If they don’t know your brand, how will they refer people to you? Give them something easy, professional and recognizable to remember during everyday conversation. Word-of-mouth referrals are the most qualitative leads.